After that last post on 1 Jan 2010, I hadn't actually done much to my website. I mocked up a few designs, but weren't really happy with them. Installed Wordpress on and migrated my blog posts from MovableType over, even started building a new custom template. However, I got bored and didn't really feel like doing much more with it. In the meantime, I put up a simple single-page site which had links to my Twitter, Facebook, Flickr accounts, and, my photo portfolio site (hosted by

I have come to the realisation that I didn't really want to be fiddling about with trying to design a unique snowflake, maintaining a custom template on Wordpress that might break everytime they release a new version, rely on plugins that might stop working, and having to keep everything up-to-date because due to its popularity, Wordpress is now a common target for hackers and malware. I know this because I've had to spend many days cleaning up all my freelance clients' websites that I had build for them years ago, that have unfortunately gotten compromised due to old and outdated versions of Wordpress.

I've now moved my blog over to Squarespace and fortunately it was able to import all my blog posts, but not perfectly. The formatting is all over the place, and there are a lot of broken links, and broken images as I used to host my own photos on an instance of Gallery2 on my server, and that's obviously gone now. I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to fixing up every single post, so please excuse me if you come across an old blog post of mine that looks terrible.

I've been impressed so far with what Squarespace offers, and it does look like a really powerful system. Everything's fully hosted and I won't need to worry about maintaining the server and all its moving parts, just the content. It appears that my values and attitude has changed quite a bit in the past decade and nowadays I want things to 'just work' and hate having to constantly tinker around under-the-hood to make things work, and this, I believe, is what stopped me from doing anything with my website in the last few years.


So, I've actually bought an iPhone a couple of weeks back, and I'm LOVING it. Brilliant piece of kit and by far the most usable phone I've ever had. Just last week Wordpress released a native app which I've downloaded and played around with it and I must say it's one of the better made apps on the App Store, and it's FREE too! It supports blogs hosted on as well as self-installed Wordpress on your own domains as long as it is 2.5.1 or above.

It's very odd that on the past 4+ years I've been building Wordpress-based sites for clients and friends out, but this site is still on MovableType, since it was launched in 2000. It's received a few facelifts between then and now but it's always been on MT, only because I've been very reluctant to migrate all my blog posts, and to rebuild all the templates for a new platform.

I know I've been neglecting this blog for too long now. I need to figure out what I want to do with it and the site as a whole. Perhaps moving it over to Wordpress I might be more inclined to post more often if I can do it easily on the iPhone while I'm on the train or even on the couch at home, but then again, one of the main reasons for not posting as often as I should is that I feel a responsibility to compose meaningful posts up here and not just ramblings which would put me in the same class as the emo kids and their LiveJournals. Well, i use Twitter for that. :) This site needs more than just a new coat of paint. I don't feel that it represents me anymore. Let me know your thoughts in the comments or via email.

Minty stats

I purchased Shaun Inman's Mint stats application for and I'm finding that it's heck a lot more useful than the other stats packages that come with most web hosts. One bit of information that Mint brought to light was how popular my Wallpapers section is, and I'm getting loads of visits to that section, mostly via Google's Image Search. I've gotten close to 1,500 hits to that page alone this month so far, compared 440 to the blog page, and 270 to the site index. The best thing about Mint is that it is extensible with plug-ins called Peppers, and I've seen some really useful Peppers come out already.Maybe I should start making more desktop wallpapers? What say you?

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I've added a new section to the 'work' side of this site, and that's Newsletters. I've already sent one out in August to my clients as a trial, and the response has been good. I'm now opening it up to public so if you would like to be on this mailing list of mine, just go there and sign yourself up. It will be different and independent of the blog I have here, more focused on updating clients on my recently completed work, links and articles of interest relating to web design. Archived newsletters will also be put up on that page in case you missed the earlier editions.

RSS Feeds

I've just started using FeedBurner after many months of wondering what the hoopla is all about. I'm a bit of a stats junkie and, you guessed it, FeedBurner keeps track of my readership via the RSS feeds. AWStats on my server shows site traffic but there is no way I can tell how many people have subscribed to the RSS feeds. It also consolidates all the different versions of RSS and Atom so I only need to publish one feed URL and FeedBurner will dish out the appropriate feed that your newsreader or RSS aggregator needs.So, if you're reading my posts via the feed, please update your subscriptions with the following URL so I know you are there: